Elaine Mooney

Elaine + fitness = Love

Exercise has always been part of Elaine's life, even when she was working full-time with a business development agency.
She was part of the team that started 'Body Talk' - the first aerobic studio in Edinburgh in late 80s.

She was a dedicated rower, done 2 half marathons, but aerobics is her 'all time' favourite' - and she is aerobics instructor for more than 27 years now.

At Stevenson College she is involved in school coaching, Active School, Zumba , Dance, Kick Boxing.

If you are lucky and she's got enough time for a class, you can join her crazy  aerobics @St. Columbas, Upper Gray Street, Tuesdays at 7pm.

She has been a witness of how the regular exercising can help people beat the stress and anxiety related conditions and he is a dedicated believer:
  get active and stay healthy!
No other way ...

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